Shake it, taste it, love it - the first cat milk with valuable vitamins for your furry friend

The idea for the mordern catmilk

As with the cat toys, I was inspired by my cat Holly (†). She was a real milkmouth. However, conventional cat milk contains hardly any nutrients for our furry friends. That's why I developed the first cat milk with valuable vitamins together with a veterinarian. I also drink a vitamin drink every day - why shouldn't my cat have one?

3 types for different needs

Every cat is different and needs different support. We humans also take different supplements. Therefore, we have developed three different varieties. Depending on the variety, we have added a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals.

These are the varieties:

fur shine

Especially for cats who have trouble with water intake

For cats who have trouble drinking, it's a great solution. Hydration or water balance is important for the well-being of every cat. Our vitamin milkshake can be ideally mixed in different consistencies or mixed with drinking water.

Many cats love milk. We have interpreted the classic snack in a modern way. Wow, meow!

Why powdered cat milk?

What bothered me about conventional cat milk was the amount of packaging. Our shake is easy to prepare at home using our powder and tap water. In this way, we avoid almost 8 small plastic bottles with one bag. That is over 90% packaging waste & transport weight. An important contribution to the environment.

Innovation Award from Fressnapf

For this innovative product, I received 2nd place in the Fressnapf Innovation Award at the end of 2022 with CATLABS. That makes me very proud and happy, because a few years ago I wouldn't have dared to dream of it!

local quality


Production in Germany

For our vitamin milkshake, we only use ingredients from the EU and have them processed into a high-quality product in a gentle process.

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