Our commitment to cats in need

Every card helps cats in need

Many cats out there are in need – abandoned – sick – somewhere on the street. We have developed our Cat Care Cards for them. With every card, we support a cat protection organization that takes care of them. Here you can find out where your donation goes.

Send greetings and donate

It's very simple: you get our cards, write greetings to your loved ones and we donate for you. 10% of the proceeds from the Cat Care Cards currently go to CatsKarma e.V. – an association that looks after abandoned, sick cats rescued from the street. With CatsKarma they are neutered, given veterinary care and nursed back to health with lots of love. The cats are then placed in their furever homes.

Animal welfare – a core value at CATLABS

Animal welfare is a matter close to our hearts. I rescued my little Holly (†) from the animal shelter in Chicago myself. My personal experience shapes CATLABS' commitment to cat welfare and always inspires us to do more.

Be part of the solution

We are proud that each Cat Care Card is not only a piece of art, but also a gesture of love and care for cats in need. Together we can make a difference and create a world where every cat finds a safe and loving home. Be part of our mission and discover our Cat Care Cards.