Shake, shake, lick - the first cat milk with valuable vitamins for your furry friend / 摇、摇、舔 - 为您的毛茸茸的朋友准备的第一款含有宝贵维生素的猫奶

From Catmom to Catmom / 从猫妈妈到猫妈妈


Modern and sustainable / 现代和可持续

Hi! I am Katharina - the founder of CATLABS. My mission is to create modern and sustainable products for cat lovers like me and their furry friends, like my cat Holly. For our newest product, I re-invented a classic: cat milk. Let me tell you more about the most innovative milky snack.


The idea for modern cat milk / 现代猫奶的创意

To create the Vitamin Milkshake, I was inspired by my cat Holly (†). She was a real milk lover. However, conventional cat milk contains hardly any nutrients for our furry friends. That's why I developed the first cat milk with valuable vitamins together with a veterinarian. I also drink a vitamin drink every day - why shouldn't my cat have one?


Western Quality / 西方品质


Made in Germany / 德国生产

For our Vitamin-Milkshake, we only use ingredients from the EU and Germany and have them processed into a high-quality product in a gentle process in Germany.


Especially for cats, who have trouble with water intake / 特别是对于喝水有困难的猫咪

Hydration and water balance is important for the well-being of every cat. Our vitamin milkshake can be mixed to different consistencies or mixed in with drinking water to make it more interesting.


Many cats love milk. We have interpreted the classic snack in a modern way. Wow, meow! / 许多猫都喜欢喝牛奶。我们以现代的方式诠释了这款经典小吃。哇哦,喵!

1, 2, 3, 4 Moew! / 1, 2, 3, 4 喵!


Easy preparation / 容易准备

One small pouch (12 x 18 x 7cm) contains 30 portions of vitamin milkshake - a whole month of delicious cat milk. The preparation at home is very easy and quick. We recommend preparing 4 portions at a time and store leftovers in the fridge.

一个小袋子(12 x 18 x 7厘米)包含30份维生素奶昔,足够整整一个月的美味猫奶。在家制作非常简单且快速。我们建议一次准备4份,并将剩余的部分存放在冰箱中。

3 varieties for different needs / 3种类型满足不同需求

Every furry friend is different and needs different support. Humans also take different supplements. Therefore we have developed three different varieties. Depending on the variety, we have added a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals.


Hello and meow Asia! / 你好,喵亚洲!

I am excited to bring my innovative Vitamin-Milkshake to the Asian cat lovers. It was a pleasure to meet the Defa Tong, the Consul General for the People's Republic of China in Munich to discuss business opportunities.


Why powdered milk? / 为什么要奶粉?


Efficient and sustainable / 高效且可持续

What bothered me about conventional cat milk was the amount of packaging. Our shake is easy to prepare at home using our powder and tap water. This way we avoid almost 8 small plastic bottles with one bag. That is over 90% packaging waste & transport weight. An important contribution to the environment.


Award worthy cat milk! / 值得奖励的猫奶!


Innovation Award from Fressnapf / Fressnapf 创新奖

For this innovative product, I received 2nd place in the Fressnapf Innovation Award at the end of 2022 with CATLABS. That makes me very proud and happy.


Contact / 接触

For Europe, please contact:

  • Katharina Bickel
  • +49 176 31 377 302

For Asia, please contact my representative / 亚洲请联系我的代表:

  • Nikola Romic
  • BBG Consulting Shanghai
  • WeChat / 微信: Nikola-R